Testing and analysis play a key role in the food and drug product development value chain.

As formulations and different compositions are tested to create optimal food and drug products, real time intelligence is often difficult to obtain.  Understanding product performance and evaluation of product candidates are traditionally studied in animal studies or clinical trials. Both are expensive, time consuming and underlie ethical constraints. In the case of animal studies, data are often difficult to correlate to humans.

Why TIM studies?

As part of pre-clinical research and oral product development, reliable data are necessary to predict product performance. Ultimately, product performance is directly linked to the gastrointestinal behavior of the product, i.e. the release of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or nutrient from its matrix and the subsequent availability for absorption (bioaccessibility) during transit through the gastrointestinal tract. Understanding product performance and evaluation of product candidates can be done in clinical trials or animal studies. Both are expensive, time consuming and underlie ethical constraints.

Contrary, a TIM study provides you with in vivo predictive information, while saving time and costs. At The TIM Company test site,  four TIM-1, six tiny-TIM and six TIM-2 systems are available for parallel experiments, increasing experimental throughput and allowing optimal study design. To perform your TIM studies, each of our dedicated project managers, part of the operations department, have specific knowledge related to food- , pharma and microbiome topics. They design the study in close collaboration with you, take care of the experimental performance, bio-analysis of samples and ultimately the provision of a TIM study report. The TIM study report contains all relevant information regarding the conduct of the TIM study, its results and scientifically substantiated conclusions.

What kind of TIM study would you like to run on one of our TIM systems? Contact us here and we will help you find the TIM study that is suitable for your company. See you soon!


The TIM Company performs a wide array of studies including:


  • Digestibility Studies
  • Protein Quality, i.e. Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) determination
  • Probiotic Survival
  • Nutritional Value, i.e. bioaccessibility of micro- and macronutrients
  • Digestibility and bioaccessibility of nutrients in infant formula
  • Gut Microbiome studies, i.e. effects of prebiotics, antibiotics- or probiotics
  • Gut microbiome composition changes
  • Bioaccessibility of nutrients of phytochemicals in Novel foods
  • Food Safety/Efficacy studies (e.g. nitrosamines, mycotoxins)
  • And more…see Knowledge Center: publications.


  • Bioaccessibility of API/Drug Product/Formulations
  • Comparison of formulation concepts, e.g. immediate – versus extended release formulations
  • Drug product behaviour during simulation of different GI conditions within the biological variation
  • Drug product behaviour during simulation of different GI conditions outside the biological variation (diseased conditions)
  • Food effect studies
  • Drug-drug interaction studies
  • TIM Pediatrics, studying the fate of oral drug products in neonates, infants or toddlers
  • Proof of concept studies
  • Dose dumping studies
  • Determination of performance rank order
  • And more…see Knowledge Center: publications.

Viritual labtour

Meet our TIM systems! The TIM Company encourages to collaborate more efficiently by working together from different locations with the latest technology: the Hololens. We provide you with the support you need, all over the world. That is why we arrange virtual labtours, so you can see our revolutionary and innovative TIM systems in person. Besides the accurate and software controlled process you can actually see what happens in the GI tract. Our TIM laboratories are open for virtual labtours. We invite you to meet us for a virtual appointment and see our TIM systems in action. Contact us and make your appointment. We hope to welcome you soon!

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