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Bioaccesibility of Micronutrients

Insights on possible interactions between micronutrients and / or food components.

Luminal factors of the gastrointestinal tract (including pH and enzymes), food preparation, processing practices, nature of the food matrix or the presence of antinutritive compounds impact the potential for a micronutrient to be absorbed, i.e. being bioaccessible.

Understanding and predicting such factors will inform and guide your product development strategy to develop and formulate better and healthier foods, food ingredients or Novel Foods.

To understand such impacting factors, TIM is the perfect tool as it is faster, and provides better controls of experimental variables than human or animal studies.

In TIM, we accurately and precisely mimic the gastrointestinal luminal conditions with administration of actual foods. We have settings in place to study the availability for absorption of micronutrients (minerals, vitamins or phytochemicals) of single ingredients or finished products co-administered with or without complex meal matrices.

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