Once a research project within the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research (TNO), the TIM Technology has since received recognition, validation, acceptance and credibility within the scientific community. First created by scientific experts as a highly predictive in vitro model of human gastrointestinal physiology, TIM Technology has become the go-to tool as an animal-free approach in drug development.

Driven by the goal to develop an alternative to static digestion, dissolution methods and animal research, the TIM Technology was first introduced within TNO in early 1990s.

A short 5 years after, the first publication of TIM Technology appeared in ATLA, Journal for Alternatives to Laboratory Animals in cooperation with leaders in the Pharmaceuticals and Food Industry.

In the consecutive years we invested in the further development and validation of the TIM Technology, including our TIMagc (advanced gastric compartment) and next-gen tinyTIMsg System. Today, we are proud, to have our Story documented in over 260 peer reviewed scientific publications and the proprietary TIM-1, TIM-2 and Tiny-TIM’smartificialgut’(sg) Systems.

After continued success and growth, as of January 2020, TIM was ready to stand on its own and all TIM related activities have been spun-off into a separate entity: “The TIM Company”, where we continue to serve our customer in contract research based on our unparalleled TIM Technology.

Beginning of 2022, The TIM Company relocated to brand new state-of-the-art laboratories in Delft, allowing to scale and expand our services and keep following our Mission and Vision!