Innovation is in our genes. We study the human digestive tract outside the body, in a reproducible, predictive and ethically responsible way. Is the food we eat really healthy, how active are the drugs we take and what does this mean for different people of different ages or states of health? TIM would like to answer these questions, by respecting corporate societal responsibilities, in a time – and cost effective way. With our predictive dynamic gastro-intestinal model TIM, we help improving research & development of food products, drugs or chemicals.

The TIM Company

The TIM Company, providing dynamic and highly predictive dissolution systems, started as a research project within the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) 25 years ago. With a focus to support the development of healthy food products and to study the availability for absorption of functional ingredients for a better, safer and healthier life. Following a successful start, the TIM technology was also applied for studying the solubility and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from oral drug products in the pharmaceutical market. From 2014 till 2019, TIM has been a part of Triskelion – a TNO initiative.

Now it is time to stand on our own! As of January 2020 all TIM related activities have been transferred into a separate entity, namely TIM B.V., trading under the name “The TIM Company”.

The TIM Family

With a background of 25 years of experience in dynamic simulation of the gastrointestinal tract, the TIM portfolio has evolved into a suite of 3 models.

First, TIM-1 was developed, which simulates the upper gastrointestinal tract in four different compartments, which represent the stomach, duodenum, jejunum and ileum. All four compartments are connected and set to exactly mimicking all processes as occurring in vivo, i.e. in humans or animals.
Second, the TIM-2 system was developed, representing the large intestine. By using living human microbiota and an accurate simulation of the large intestinal environment, the fate of foods and drugs upon arrival in the colon can be studied.
The latest addition to the TIM family is the tiny-TIMsg, Tiny-TIM consists of a gastric compartment and a small intestinal compartment, simulating either average small intestinal conditions or duodenal
conditions. It has a higher degree of automation and was developed as an easy to use bench top system. Equal as TIM-1, it allows to study the release and availability for absorption (bioaccessibility) of oral drug products or foods, i.e. for measuring protein quality or simulation of both infant and adult conditions.

Why TIM?

Because of its accurate simulation of luminal gastrointestinal conditions of humans (or animals), it has a high predictivity on the fate of drugs or food products travelling though the GI tract. The TIM systems are therefore used as effective, replicable and accurate systems, offering an alternative to animal trials. They allow optimization of food products during the product development phase and de-risking lengthy and expensive human trials.

The value of the TIM systems and their scientific impact is acknowledged by more than 240 peer reviewed publications from academia and industry.

For us, progressing science and innovation is important as well as contributing to a sustainable future. Working together creates innovative and better solutions to transition towards reduction of animal testing, a faster time-to-market and a healthier world. We want to further strengthen our partnership with existing customers and build new relationships across the globe.

It is time to reshape the field of testing methods and technologies. Replacing In-vivo based testing with our In-vitro models, the TIM systems. Are you ready to join us?

Our website is currently under construction. A new website is coming soon, allowing you to find all relevant information about the TIM Company, contract research studies, consumables and dedicated information for our TIM User Group Members. For more information, please contact us here directly.

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