The TIM Company

Why TIM?

By supporting the development of drugs and healthy nutrition, while reducing animal studies and development costs, we responsibly contribute to an enhanced well being for humans and animals.

Accurate, predictive, representative…simply better

Due to TIM’s ability to accurately simulate luminal gastrointestinal conditions, we offer highly predictive insight into the fate of drugs, their formulations, ingredients, and food products travelling though the GI tract. TIM can easily and reproducibly simulate any GI condition, in any population, including vulnerable populations such as children, elderly, and patients. Simulating numerous conditions and parameters allows for optimization of food products during their product development as well as de-risking lengthy, expensive human trials. Advanced users have the ability to perform IVIVC for which the TIM Systems can be used as an effective, replicable and accurate alternative to in vivo and animal studies.

The value of the TIM Systems and their scientific impact is acknowledged by more than 240 peer- reviewed publications from academia and industry. TIM Systems are simply better. Why not use TIM to help create a better and safer world for humans and animals?

The 3R principles

We believe in a better world for not only nature and humans, but also for animals. That is why we at The TIM Company work by the 3R principle. In science these are the guiding principles for more ethical use of animals in testing. We stand for Replacing, Reducing and Refining animal testing. The goal is to replace animal experiments where possible. In addition, we want to keep the number of animal experiments as low as possible. How?

  • Replace: Replacing all animal experiment to the greatest possible level.
  • Reduce: The reduction of animal experiments, including the number of laboratory animals to the greatest possible level.
  • Refine: The treatment and methods of the animals during all different kind of experiments, to the greatest possible level.

These important pillars are of equal importance in the 3R’s principles. The 3R’s have a wider scope than simply encouraging alternatives to animal testing, but aim to improve animal health and scientific quality where the use of animals cannot be avoided.

A Center of Excellence in GI research

Continuous process improvement, development, and innovation are important to us, as well as contributing toward a sustainable future. Working with The TIM Company enables knowledge sharing, advances innovative solutions, expedites time-to-market, reduces/optimizes in vivo testing, and contributes toward a healthier world. The TIM Systems help organizations make informed decisions by providing the most relevant insight.

We are actively reshaping the field of dissolution technologies and testing methods, augmenting biorelevant testing with our state of the art in vitro models. As a Center of Excellence in GI research, we aim to strengthen our partnerships with existing customers and collaborators and build new relationships across the globe.

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