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To participate in containing the COVID-19 spread we do not have any events planed at this moment in 2021. Please check this page frequently to find out where TIM will be present in person.

TIM online events

We also organize different webinars, seminars and events on request for companies who want to know more about our revolutionary TIM systems and our food and pharma TIM studies. Interested in a webinars, seminar or small online event organised by The TIM Company? Please let us now. Contact us here and we will gladly organize an online event custom to your needs and support. Hope to meet you soon!

History online events

In the world we live in today, online events are the big trend. The TIM Company therefore was present at the next online events in 2020:

Event history

In 2019, TIM participated at different events. TIM was also asked to give different presentation about our revolutionary TIM technology.


AAPS PharmSci 360 combines all the energy of a large scientific conference with chemical and biomolecule areas and also cover the research and challenges making the biggest headlines in the pharmaceutical sciences today. Off course TIM had to be present. It was a big success. People were lining up to meet TIM! People were amazed about what TIM can do and how TIM can help in the pharmaceutical market. Our presentations were fully booked.

FIE Europe

Fi Europe is the most comprehensive food ingredients trade show covering specialty food ingredients from sensory to functional, as well as processing solutions and services across the whole supply chain. It was important to be present and show the companies what TIM can do for them. It was a successful exhibition. We showed what TIM can do in the food market and how TIM can help with different studies.

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